Our farming practices follow organic growing principles.  We use composts, manures, and cover crops to build soils and encourage microbial life, that in turn, grow great vegetables.

Open 9-5 Wed - Sat
7911 Island Hwy, Black Creek
Open 9-5 Wed - Sat
7911 Island Hwy, Black Creek
Welcome To Clever Crow Farm
Open 9-5 Wed - Sat
7911 Island Hwy, Black Creek, BC
Phone: 250.465.0448
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About the Farm

Our farming practices follow organic growing principles.  We use composts, manures, and cover crops to build soils and encourage microbial life, that in turn, grow great vegetables.

Our 5 acres is a special place made up of sections of long vegetable garden beds, grasslands with wild flowers, natural forested areas, and a tributary of the Black Creek, which runs along the edge of the back field.  We encourage hedgerows where we have planted fruit trees, elderberries and allow the wild Nootka roses to flourish.  We have put up over 30 birdhouses around the farm and they are thriving with swallows, robins, chickadees, and other wild birds we do not know the names of.  Diversification on your land, of animals, plants, birds, insects, etc, ensures a healthy ecosystem for all.

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We are now on our WINTER BREAK. Thank you everyone who shopped and visited our Farm Store this year. This was our best year ever! Thank you for purchasing our spices, salts and salad greens at small and large stores in Campbell River and the Comox Valley. Thank you for buying from all the local farmstands and supporting all the vendors at the Comox Valley and the Gumboot Farmers Markets. You are what makes Vancouver Island strong and vibrant. We look forward to seeing your beautiful faces in mid February.
Big Love,
Lia and Brian

There is so much happening in our area of Black Creek, this weekend. Come join us for our annual customer appreciation day, Tomorrow!
Free samples of soup, greens, and bread from @shorewolffarm. Between 11-3pm.
@farmer_brian_ will be taking small groups on short farm tours. You can also ask him gardening questions. The Farm Store is open and filled with culinary delights, from 9-5pm.
Enter to win a Gift Basket and other fabulous prizes.
Thanks for supporting our small family farm and others in the Comox Valley.
Ps. The Black Creek Fall Fair is happening this weeknd too! You can park at the church across the road from us and walk to everything! Make sure to check out the open house at @thecreekside beside us, and then head north to visit @kehlerfarm, Pattison farm, and @shorewolffarm too.

Oh my! We have a lot of different kinds of onions ready this week. @farmer_brian_ has been squirreling away those giant orange bags for this very moment in time. His largest onion harvest to date. Yellow, white, reds, and shallots. Right now they are available loose, in bins., but soon, we will be selling them in one and two pound bags. Nothing like local onions! ...

And so it begins...Tomato season is finally here. ...

@farmer_brian_ is bringing his prized Elderberry plants to the @comox_valley_farmers_market this morning. He also has lots of beautiful red and white onions, salad greens, plain jane lettuce, jalapenos, fennel bulbs, zucchinni, turnips, spices, cilantro, basil, and dill weed. The Farm store will also be open 9'5pm..with carrots and kimchi, etc. ...

Yup. It's June-u-ary. Time for us islanders to don our toques and sweaters again. This happy farmer is busy bagging lots of salad greens for the @comox_valley_farmers_market tomorrow morning. He has been harvesting lots of beauty this week.See you at the market! ...

We have 16 exciting Outdoor Demo classes happening this summer. Now is the time to register. Only 20 guests per class. Safe, fun, delicious.
Check out the lineup on the first page of our website at:

This handsome farmer is pretty happy to be returning to the @comox_valley_farmers_market tomorrow morning, with lots and lots of greens and veggies.

Dinner idea: Rice noodles tossed with lots of crunchy veggies like purple cabbage, radishes, carrots, celery, and garlic leeks ( green garlic), and pepitas. The dressing I winged, meaning it chages and isn't perfect yet: red wine vineger, mirin, soy sauce, sugar, lime juice. Ling Cod was breaded with panko (mixed with toasted and ground up hazelnuts, pepitas, sea salt, and some Greek Seasoning.) Asparagus was quickly pan fried in sunflower oil, butter, and sea salt.
a. I keep a large bag of the panko/nut mix in the freezer. Great on chicken too.
b. Wide Rice noodles boil for 6 minutes, then need to be rinsed well with cold water.
c. I didn't make enough dressing. The noodles absorbed most of it before dinner. I would've liked more to toss around, or maybe I just need a better dressing. Lol.

Salad Greens and Arugula are back at @discoveryfoods in Willow Point and Oyster River. Murray is on the left at his store and Martin is on the right in his. Both stores also sell our spice blends. Thanks @discoveryfoods. for supporting so many local businesses! If you've never shopped at these independant grocery stores, now is the time. ...

Tomorrow and Sunday is our first big Plant sale. 9-5pm. Plenty of variety. Tomatoes, peppers, basil, lettuces, eggplant, fennel, parsley, celery, cabbages, kale, chard, peas, spinach, flowers, and more! If you can, bring a box or bin to put your plants in. We have a new website too. Click the link in the bio to find out more. ...

We closed one hour early today to go swimming in the sea... It was my day 35. @farmer_brian_ 64th swim..But we were really there to cheer on our fellow farmer friend, @pendleton_farm as she did her 100th swim since November. Glad we went today 'cause we got to swim under a rainbow. ...

Seeding has begun. Isn't it pretty? Eek! We will be open in 4 days. Wednesday - Saturday 9-5pm. Here we go! ...

What are your top 3 favourite Clever Crow Spices? ...