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Our farming practices follow organic growing principles.  We use composts, manures, and cover crops to build soils and encourage microbial life, that in turn, grow great vegetables.

Open 9-5 Wed - Sat
7911 Island Hwy, Black Creek
Open 9-5 Wed - Sat
7911 Island Hwy, Black Creek
Welcome To Clever Crow Farm
Open 9-5 Wed - Sat
7911 Island Hwy, Black Creek, BC
Phone: 250.465.0448
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About the Farm

Our farming practices follow organic growing principles.  We use composts, manures, and cover crops to build soils and encourage microbial life, that in turn, grow great vegetables.

Our 5 acres is a special place made up of sections of long vegetable garden beds, grasslands with wild flowers, natural forested areas, and a tributary of the Black Creek, which runs along the edge of the back field.  We encourage hedgerows where we have planted fruit trees, elderberries and allow the wild Nootka roses to flourish.  We have put up over 30 birdhouses around the farm and they are thriving with swallows, robins, chickadees, and other wild birds we do not know the names of.  Diversification on your land, of animals, plants, birds, insects, etc, ensures a healthy ecosystem for all.

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This is what we are listening to today in the Clever Crow Farm Store. Scan the QR code and listen along.
We have a load of new QR codes that we'll be introducing over the next few weeks. They will start showing up on our spice blends and salad greens and will take you to recipes and videos highlighting them! We've been wanting to do this for a long time, and that time has come! Thanks to @williamqlee for all your help.

Clever Crow Farm plant sale. ...

We seem to be in a little "snow belt", here, in Black Creek. We haven't seen the garden beds since November. It is below zero and the wind is blowing. More snow is on the way for the final week before Christmas. We are open for a few more days ( unless we are snowed in) before our winter hibernation begins. And holy heck, this mornings ocean dip was the coldest yet...Looking forward to warmer climes and long lazy swims with @farmer_brian_ ...

December 3rd, 2022 ...

Mixing the salad greens with @farmer_brian_ ...

This weekend and Mothers day weekend. Our annual Big Plant sale. Lots of variety. So many Tomatoes and Peppers. And some extra special surprises! Come early for best selection. Free coffee and Tea at our plant sale too!
Ps. The Tulip Festival is happening both weekends @coastalblack

We've been thinking about buying a @speedibin composter, and today, we finally did it. On our Farm we have huge piles of manure and vegetation composting away. Giant piles. But the one thing that we cannot seem to do, is bring the bucket of kitchen scraps, down to the bottom of the driveway, from our house. The little bucket goes from the counter, out to the porch, and then it sits there and gets nasty. We've tried unsuccessfully to make home composting a good habit.
Today I made the call to Joyce and she had one all ready to go! Perfect timing. She even showed me her compost area with her different style bins they sell. She even still uses her father's original @speedibin Bin! It is 30 years old and still looks great. I like many things about Speedbins. They have a powder coat paint on them, which means, they should last for a long, long time, like way past my lifetime. They are green, so they blend into the yard. They are RAT PROOF. Seriously. You need that in a composter.. The bottom is a double layer of heavy wire mesh, which means the good insects and worms can get in there and work hard. The lid is easy to lift and has a hinge that can hold it up for you. The lids handle also turns, locking the lid tight, so nothing can get in. The front panel slides up and off so you can easily scoop out the finished compost snd add it into your garden beds.
Also important is that you can add all of your kitchen scraps, including bones, dairy, veg and cooked food. No food waste goes into your garbage anymore.
They are manufactured in Vancouver! The company is owned by a couple who live and garden, in Merville.
They will be at the upcoming Seedy Saturday in Courtenay, and at 4 others on the island. You can see the bins up close and talk to Joyce about them, or come see ours. Or just go to their Instagram page @speedibin for more info. I think they are a really worthy investment and I feel like I'm being a better human.

We are now on our WINTER BREAK. Thank you everyone who shopped and visited our Farm Store this year. This was our best year ever! Thank you for purchasing our spices, salts and salad greens at small and large stores in Campbell River and the Comox Valley. Thank you for buying from all the local farmstands and supporting all the vendors at the Comox Valley and the Gumboot Farmers Markets. You are what makes Vancouver Island strong and vibrant. We look forward to seeing your beautiful faces in mid February.
Big Love,
Lia and Brian

There is so much happening in our area of Black Creek, this weekend. Come join us for our annual customer appreciation day, Tomorrow!
Free samples of soup, greens, and bread from @shorewolffarm. Between 11-3pm.
@farmer_brian_ will be taking small groups on short farm tours. You can also ask him gardening questions. The Farm Store is open and filled with culinary delights, from 9-5pm.
Enter to win a Gift Basket and other fabulous prizes.
Thanks for supporting our small family farm and others in the Comox Valley.
Ps. The Black Creek Fall Fair is happening this weeknd too! You can park at the church across the road from us and walk to everything! Make sure to check out the open house at @thecreekside beside us, and then head north to visit @kehlerfarm, Pattison farm, and @shorewolffarm too.

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