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The black elderberries are now in full bloom and look spectacular! The winter squash has had it’s last weed and are starting to run, filling their beds. It has been a great spring for the heat loving vegetables. Tomatoes and peppers are looking great. They should be early and we have planted much more than last year. Melons are in bloom, so, looking forward to fresh watermelon and cantaloupe. The heat has meant a shorter season for spinach and radishes. Their absence has been to the benefit of what we call the “foofoo”. The amaranth, orach, shinginku, bronze fennel, and frisse mix are what make up the summer flavour and colour in our salad green mix. Keep an eye out for these plants in our humble little garden center. We have added more herbs, greens, and ornamentals that will continue to evolve throughout the 2023 season.